Pipers®: Pipeline Inspection as a Service
INGU’s Pipers® Inline Inspection as a Service provides condition-critical data to optimize pipeline integrity programs. The Pipers® solution gives greater visibility across the entire pipeline infrastructure, improving planning, decision-making, and overall operational control. The unique, self-serve system uses free floating, micro sensor technology that is designed to work in operational lines, which translates into zero downtime and the ability to take action where and when you want. Pipers® data is highly repeatable making it ideal for monitoring for changes in pipeline condition, keeping operators on top of leaks, deposits and wall condition.


Leak Monitoring
Regular leak monitoring in any pipeline under operational conditions.

Deposit localization
Pressure measurements provide accurate information on deposits in your pipeline.

Condition monitoring
Regular monitoring of changes in the pipeline condition gives greater control, early detection and lower costs.

Hot tap monitoring
Proactively detect illegal hot taps.

Metal loss detection
Measuring the magnetic flux to determine the level of volumetric wall loss in your pipeline.

Geometric analysis
Pipers® determine the high-level isometry of a pipeline without above ground markers.


Maximum control of your pipeline integrity program without shutting down operations and without the need for a service crew.
Inspect all Pipelines
Pipers® give easy access to all types of pipelines and fluids, down to 2” in diameter.
100% uptime
Ready for use under operational conditions.
Multi sensor surveys
Leaks, deposits and wall condition in one go.
10x cost advantage
Affordability and ease of use means more visibility, more often.